SXSW 2013: Deadmau5, Kat Von D, Surfer Blood at the Sonos Studio
Sonos is getting some attention for putting on one of the coolest experiences at SXSW. Located down an alley near the Convention Center, the Sonos Studio is a large compound that includes a courtyard, a performance stage, two houses and an interactive, projection-mapping installation called Playground — plus a food truck and a water fountain filled with ice and drinks. Visitors can actually learn the nuts and bolts of speaker construction. One of the houses at the Sonos Studio is home to the Sonos Speaker Lab, where visitors are given the components to build their very own (small) loudspeaker. Another room has free haircuts (by appointment only) from Rudy’s Barbershop. There is a gaming room — named the Playbar Room, after the recently released Playbar soundbar — with a green neon-rimmed, futuristic sofa and a flatscreen TV to go along with the Sonos audio system.

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